Bellow Cover Accordion Bellow Flexible Elastic Machine Accordion Organ Bellow Cover

Shenghao Bellows are manufactured in various profiles by using different elastomeric coated fabric, & weld Spatter proof aluminized glass fiber fabric for (temp up to 500 to 550 Degree Celsius) & with properties based on customer requirements.

When dirt, grit, metal chips, scale, and other substances fall on expose above-mentioned parts of the machine, these contaminants not only shorten the life of the seals but often can reduce the accuracy & the precision of your valued Machine. Hence installing the proper protective Bellows as per working environment can make a big difference in the service life of the machine & it also reduces downtime and increases productivity. Protective covers

(Bellows) opens and closes like an accordion as the machine work, keeping the machine clean from debris and extending the life of your machine up to to 3 times.

Bellow cover, also called flexible organ type guide rail protective cover, is one kind of machine shields. It is made of nylon cloth, plastic cloth fabric or synthetic rubber through folding.

There is PVC board inside to support the whole structure, so that it can endure high temperature, oil and cooling fluid. It can be fixed in your machine in different ways: internally, externally, vertically and horizontally.

The shape and size can be customized as per customers’ requirement. For selecting bellow types, it depends on the operating conditions including mechanical and thermal strain on the bellows, as well as the type of chips and agents present during operation.

Post time: Sep-20-2022