What are the changes in the development trend of plastic drag chain

Plastic drag chain is playing a more and more important role as an accessory of machine tools. With the continuous innovation and progress of machines, if plastic drag chain wants to keep up with the pace of development, it must change with the transformation of machinery. In this way, it can keep up with the pace of mechanical development. What is the future development trend of plastic drag chain, Now we Cangzhou Weite company will make a detailed analysis on this.

High speed, but quiet: for the vibration of high-precision machine tools, even the slightest vibration is the consideration of machine tool experts. We know that the conventional plastic drag chain is composed of one section by one. Generally, the larger the pitch is, the greater the noise and vibration generated by the operation of the plastic drag chain at the same speed. Another reason for the noise and vibration is the vibration and noise generated by the contact between the two chain segment limiters of the plastic drag side in a short time. Therefore, corresponding adjustments should be made according to its characteristics.

Small size, but high efficiency: small means saving valuable land and space, and when the same function is met, the smaller the equipment is, the more energy is usually saved. The small volume of plastic drag chain has many advantages. As early as many years ago, developed countries have noticed this and attached great importance to the development of small volume products. I believe that with the development of the national economy, this point will be paid more and more attention in China.

Therefore, only by keeping up with the development of machinery can we meet the needs of machinery, which requires our efforts and persistence in many aspects. After all, the future of plastic drag chain needs to be created artificially. The development trend of plastic drag chain in 2014 is still dominated by ordinary plastic drag chain with low cost. High efficiency. Some foreign companies will still target reinforced plastic drag chains.

Post time: Feb-20-2022