TZ18 Openable Cnc Cable Drag Chain

Short Description:

Material: reinforced nylon.It can stand with high pressure and has good tensile strength,toughness and elasticity,wearing and flammable resistance.

Service life: Under normal condition,5 million reciprocating motions can be reached (which is also related to the operating conditions.)

Resistances: It is oil and salt resistant.

Product Detail

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Construction of The Drag Chains

1. The appearance of the chain looks like the crawler of a tank consisting of certain number of joints.The joints of crawler are freely turned round.

2. The same series of chain has same inner height and out height and same pitch but the inner height and bend radius R can be made per different specifications.

3. A unit chain joint is consisting of a left-right chain plate and a updown cover.Each chain joint can be opened up so as to facilitate assembly and dismantal without threading.Cables,oil pipes and gas pipes can be put into the drag chain after the cover plate is opened.

Model Table

Model Inner H×W Outer HXW Pitch Bending Radius Pitch Unsupported length Style
B1 B2 B3
TZ-18.18 18x18 23x31 12 6.5 6 28.38.48 30 1.5 Half-enclosed and bottom lids can be opened
TZ-18.25 18x25 23x38 19.5 6 6 28.38.48 30 1.5
TZ-18.38 18x38 23x51 25 6 6 28.38.48 30 1.5
TZ-18.50 18x50 23x63 30 7 7 28.38.48 30 1.5

Structure Diagram



When designing cable chains care needs be taken when selecting firstly the type of chain/carrier and secondly the type of cables to be fitted to the chain, followed by the layout of the cables in the chain. Most of the major chain manufactures have some documentation detailing how to choose and setup their chains to ensure the longest lifetime of both the chain and its contents. Following those guidelines to the letter would ensure lifetimes typically in the 10 of millions cycles range, but would also produce excessively wide chains that we could not easily fit into our applications.

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