ZQ62D Double- row Bridge type Load Bearing Nylon Cable Chain

Short Description:

1. Both bridge type and enclosed type are available here

2. Double rows or several rows can be customized

3. Prevent damage to cables and hoses

4. Different types of cables and hoses can operate side by side in the same system (such as electrical cables, data cables, fiber optic cables, hydraulic hoses and pneumatic hoses). This saves installation space, ensures a quiet operation, a rapid acceleration speed, simple assembly of the modular system, and a rapid assembly and replacement time for cables and hoses.

Product Detail

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Installation for Cable Drag Chain 

Put a screw driver vertically into the opening hole at both ends of the cover and then open the cover .put the drag chain for cables and oil pipes according to the instructions provided .put the cover back .note that the fixed end and the moving end of a cable should be fixed solidly
when used in a long sliding service ,it is recommended to use some supporting rollers or guide groove , it will be perfect then.

Model Table


Inner H×W(A)

outer H

Outer W


Bending Radius


Unsupported length

ZQ 62x95D


100 2A+63 Bridge type
Top and bottom lids can be opened
Totally enclosed
Top and bottom lids can be opened
150. 100 3.8m

ZQ 62x125D


ZQ 62x150D


ZQ 62x175D


ZQ 62x200D


ZQ 62x225D


Structure Diagram



1. The product can be used for such locations where reciprocating, of motions are required so that internally internally installed cables,oil pipes,gas tubes and water tubes can be dragged and protected.

2. Each joint of the chain can be opened up so as to facilitate repairs and maintenance.It gives low noises and is of anti-wearing while running.It can also be operated under high speed.

3. The drag chains have already extensively used in digital-controlled machine tools,electronic equipment,machinery for stone industry,machinery for glass industry,machinery for doors and windows,moulding injectors,manipulators,lifting ,and transport equipment and automatic warehouses,etc.

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