Flexible Protective Aluminum Apron Cover

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It is mainly used to protect the machine guide surface from metal chips and coolant, and has anti-dust and anti-coolant functions, thus prolonging the precision life of the machine.

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This product is available in three materials:

1.The first type: polyurethane strip + aluminum strip;

2.Second: all aluminum;

3.The third type: aluminum strip + three anti-cloth.

Parameter Classification


Alumina precision profiles, connected to polyurethane strips.

The aluminium profile is symmetrical and guarantees a high degree of flexibility in both directions of bending.


Anodized aluminum profiles with high temperature resistance of 500 °C.

It prevents dirt from entering and cleans itself during exercise.


The upper and lower layers are made of anodized aluminum with a polyurethane coated cloth in between.

Oil resistant, grease resistant, cutting fluid and hot swarf (direct contact temperature up to 300 ° C).


Flexible apron covers are a critical component of machine protection. They protect the operators from moving machine components, and they protect the machine from debris and temperature flucuations in the working environment.

Available as standard mounted, roll-up, or walk-on apron (depending on the material), our engineers will work with you to design and manufacture an apron cover that's perfect for your application.

Aluminium curtain guards can be used flexibly through this simple and effective connection between profile parts. No need to install guide plates, small size, beautiful appearance, good structural reliability, small space occupation, etc., especially suitable for the situation where other protective devices cannot be used due to space limitations. In most cases, aluminum profile protective curtains are used for hanging or steering The axis runs easily. Fixed using metal corners, screwed on the end of the flexible baffle, connected to the machine tool. The shape and drilling position can be freely chosen by customers. Aluminium hollow profiles are used, the aluminium oxide is joined by means of polyurethane. Aluminium pieces are grooved and held in place. Hollow profile width: 20.5mm height: 5.5mm. The weight per square meter is less than 8KG. The gaps between the profile parts are determined according to the maximum protection against polyurethane, which is an excellent choice for protection against water jets and debris. Flexible use thanks to this simple and effective connection between profile parts.

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