Protective Armor Bellow Covers

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The armor shield is developed directly from the bellow cover. The basic design is the same as the bellow cover. To achieve the strength of the bellow cover, a PVC frame is added to each fold. The armor shield enhances its protective performance by adding armor sheets to each fold on the top of the bellow cover, effectively preventing the impact of high-speed, high-temperature sharp debris on the bellow cover itself.

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Product Name Armor Bellow Cover
Material PVC Cloth
Application Machine Tools Accessories
Style Flexible Guideway Bellow
Protective Machine Guideway

Bellow Cover Application

With the continuous improvement of mechanical equipment, the requirements of the protection system are correspondingly improved. In particular, the use of servo motors makes the speed of processing machinery higher and higher, sometimes up to 200m/min, which requires tensile-resistant but light-weight materials. Protection.

In addition, the application of the bellow cover in the fields of medicine, measurement, automatic control and food technology is becoming more and more extensive. These industries require the protective cover to be dustproof and for food.

Bellow cover is also more and more widely used on the lifting platform of automobile production assembly line. Our protective cover can fully meet the requirements of its height and smooth operation.

Almost all areas that need protection can be designed and produced for you in a short period of time with a kind of integrated bellow cover.

Several Advantages Of Organ Protective Cover

1. This type of shield has the characteristics of being fearless: stepping on, hard objects colliding and not deforming, long life, good sealing and light operation.

2. The material used in this product is resistant to coolant, oil and iron filings.

3. The protective cover has the advantages of long stroke and small compression.

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